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Nutritionist training in Switzerland – Make your dream a reality and become a nutritionist!

The Swiss Nutrition Academy runs a professional school for courses and seminars relating to nutrition. The nutritionist training in Zurich encompasses professional courses and seminars in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish. Small groups ensure that nutritionists receive in-depth, personal attention during their training.

If your career aspiration is to be a nutritionist, and you would like to complete training in nutrition, then you’ve found the right place with the Swiss Nutrition Academy! We look forward to welcoming you soon to our Nutrition School in Zurich. Simply get in touch with us!

Due to the decision of the Federal Council on 16.02.22, there will no longer be a certification requirement or a mask requirement effective from 17.02.22.

Formação contínua em Nutrição: curso de aconselhamento nutricional na Swiss Nutrition Academy

Study nutrition – the future of health

Diet is the cornerstone of our health, the foundation of our well-being. It determines how much energy we have every day, protects against illness and keeps the body in shape. It deserves all the more care and attention. Yet in practice, things are different. Nutrition issues are complex. You can quickly lose your overview of them. The person who keeps everything in sight: the nutritionist. Their experience and expertise draw on comprehensive nutrition training. Do you want to become an expert in a healthy and balanced lifestyle, too? Our nutritionist training in Switzerland lays the foundation for this.

Training nutritionists, the areas of focus relating to health

Anyone who wants to be a nutritionist must master the basics of health. And here, our professional nutrition coach training comes into play. Our experts will introduce you to the secrets of a responsible lifestyle, competently and insightfully. By studying nutrition, we train you to be a contact person for all matters relating to nutrition, and teach you to pass on your expertise appropriately.

Nutritionist training, well advised on matters relating to illness

A balanced diet is not a matter of course. It is a challenge that a layperson is often not up to mastering. The result: obesity, metabolic disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or gout. At the same time, chronic digestive problems such as coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis threaten to raise their heads.

During the nutritionist training, you will learn how to recognise diet-related disorders. Together with the patient and in collaboration with the consulting doctor, you will develop a sound nutrition and exercise concept, tailor-made for their physical ailments. You will motivate the patient, point out where they are going wrong and mobilise their resources. With your nutritionist training, you will pave the way to a more energy-filled life.

Nutritionist training in Switzerland, promoting well-being

When training as a nutritionist, it is not just about looking after people when they fall ill. You will also work to promote health more generally. In lectures, seminars and workshops, you can pass on your expertise and experience to laypeople. In schools, for example, you will raise awareness of the classroom benefits of being aware of one’s lifestyle, such as performance and concentration. In our nutritionist training, you will learn how to prepare and convey the complex content so it can be understood.

Na formação de instrutor alimentar em Zurique, os conceitos de uma alimentação saudável são o tema central

Learn connected thinking – Nutritionist training at the Swiss Nutrition Academy

The science of nutrition is not a static subject. It is brought to life by its complexity. It can only fully unfold its expertise if it is tightly networked with other scientific disciplines. Interdisciplinary thinking is all the more important for our nutrition coach training. Indispensable for training as a nutritionist: a scientific basis, particularly with biochemistry and anatomy. However, the social sciences also form part of a successful training course for a nutritionist.

Nutritionist training, experts instead of amateurs

An excellent nutrition coaching training starts with excellent teaching staff. Many years of experience, relationships and comprehensive expertise set our Swiss nutrition coach training apart from the competition. Whether you are studying nutrition or continuing your training as a nutritionist – we don’t turn you into an amateur. We make you an expert!

Services offered by the School of Nutrition at the Swiss Nutrition Academy:

  • Theory lessons in your mother tongue;

  • Attractive price-performance ratio, 10% discount from the second course onwards (incl. courses from Swiss Beauty Academy and Swiss Fashion Academy);

  • Qualification with diploma or certificate;

  • Qualified teachers and exam experts;

  • Flexible training in modules;

  • Bright rooms with modern and functional furnishings;

  • Small groups with intensive and personal support;

  • Consolidation and application of what has been learned through practical work;

  • Trial half-day without obligation;

  • Central location in Zurich (Schwamendingen).

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We are looking forward to your visit, during which we would like to introduce you to our Nutrition Technical School in person! Take the opportunity to get to know our school during a trial half-day without obligation! Of course, you can also register directly for a course, especially as there is limited space available due to the small classes.

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What our customers say about our beauty courses:

I am very satisfied! At the microblading course was a nice atmosphere and a very nice teacher


I recommend this school to everyone. Super A good team, atmosphere and the people are nice.

R.W. from Bern

A pleasant atmosphere with excellent services and courses.

M.C. from Wollerau

Thank you for the first steps into the Swiss working world. It is and was not always easy but we were always supported and motivated by the management.

E.S. from Zürich

Good harmony and a super team. Services and courses are excellent.

E.T. from Zürich

Coiffure service is excellent..very competent professionals and very pleasant atmosphere

O.B. from Zürich

I am very satisfied, always bit of surprises, but I love that. No boredom 🙂 and nice people too. Super!


I am thrilled, the staff is always so friendly and motivated!!! Am a monthly customer for 3 years and would never change again!!!

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