Nutritional Consulting Course

The Swiss Nutritional Academy offers up-to-date professional training in the field of healthcare. The theme of food guidance, how to eat healthily and disease prevention. Health is the most valuable personal good that is the responsibility of each individual. Through physical activity, mental relaxation and reasonable nutrition can reduce the risk of disease. Our professional Nutrition Consulting training in just 12 months can learn your dream profession in our Nutrition Consulting courses and become a Nutrition Consultant.

Target audience of the Nutritional Consulting Course

 The Nutritional Consulting Course is aimed at people who wish to study a new profession in the field of health. In this profession we only guide healthy people. With the Nutritional Consulting Course you can be requested for a nutritional consultation, for the organization of Workshops with people related to the theme Nutrition, for the guidance of fathers and mothers, in the income of employees of a company, in retirement homes, day care centers, kindergartens, drugstores, pharmacies, in the area of gastronomy and also in the area of sports, aesthetics and psychology, clinics and offices.

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Pre requisites for participation in the Nutritional Consulting Course:

  • At least 16 years of age

Theoretical content of the Nutritional Consulting Course:

  • Nutrition Basics

  • Patient history and diagnosis

  • Estimation of individual nutritional needs

  • Determine the concept of consulting and its utilities

  • Planning a nutrition process

  • Nutritional counselling

  • Food education

The practical content of our Nutrition Consulting Course

  • Professional knowledge of Nutritional Consulting

  • Nutritional analysis

  • Anamnesis

  • Planning a nutritional consulting process

Periodic evaluation and conclusion of the Nutritional Consulting Course:

During the Nutrition Consultancy Course, each content of the program will be submitted to theoretical and practical tests, where their grades will be evaluated. At the end of the Nutrition Consultancy Course, a final paper (theoretical and practical) will be presented. At the end of our Nutrition Consultancy Course, you will receive a Diploma from the Swiss Nutrition Academy, which certifies that you have the specialist knowledge necessary to exercise the profession of Nutrition Consultancy.

Course dates and prices:

Course Location Date Duration Day Timerio Total price Deposit 20% Monthly rate
Nutritional Consulting Course Zurich by arrangement 12 months by arrangement 09:00 - 18:00 9’895.- 1’979.- 659.65

Benefit from attractive discounts for nutritional and dietetic consulting courses

  • 10% discount applied from the second course or seminar attended at the Swiss Beauty Academy, including Swiss Fashion Academy courses and seminars

  • 5% discount applied on payment of the full amount for the course before the professional training begins 

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