Nutritional Consulting Course

The Swiss Nutrition Academy offers contemporary professional training in the field of health. The topic of nutrition counseling will include content from how to eat healthy to disease prevention. Our health is our most valuable personal asset and an individual’s responsibility. Likewise, physical activity, mental relaxation, and a proper diet can reduce the risk of disease.

Our professional Nutritional Consulting training ensures that in just 12 months you can learn your dream job with our Nutrition courses and thereby become a Nutrition Coach.

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Course Details

Our Nutritional Consulting Training is directed to those over 18 years, who want to start their professional life through the nutrition industry. There is no need for prior knowledge to participate in our training, as the initial modules of the course in Basics of medicine (anatomy/physiology) and Nutrition basics (nutrients, food science, basic food ingredients, and diet and exercise) will guide you in order to understand more complex content, taught later. This training is great for all lovers of nutrition, in addition to offering a variety of niche options within the nutrition industry.

Goals of the Aesthetic and Cosmetic Course

The Nutritional Counseling course is aimed at people who want to learn a new profession in the health sector. This profession will open doors for you to various areas such as nutritional counseling, organizing workshops with people around the theme of nutrition, massage therapist, beautician, nursing, therapists, educators, sportspeople, nursing homes, kindergartens, as well as in the area of gastronomy and business.


Theoretical content of the Nutritional Consulting Course:

The practical content of our Nutrition Consulting Course

Na formação de instrutor alimentar em Zurique, os conceitos de uma alimentação saudável são o tema central
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Periodic evaluation and conclusion of the Nutritional Coach/Nutritional Counseling Course

During the Nutrition Counseling course, all the contents of the program are submitted to theoretical and practical tests, which will be evaluated with grades. At the end of the Nutritional Counseling course, a final exam (theoretical and practical) will be presented. At the end of our nutrition counseling course, you will receive a diploma from the Swiss Nutrition Academy with the Swiss Quality Certificate for Institutions of Higher Education, which certifies that you have the necessary professional knowledge to practice the profession of nutrition counseling.

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The Swiss Nutrition Academy team will be pleased to welcome you to our facilities for a visit or to clear up any doubts. We also provide you with the opportunity to try out one of the course classes of your choice, free of charge and without obligation, so that you can get to know our teaching method and our facilities. This applies both to those who register in person and through our website


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • At least 18 years old;
  • No prior technical knowledge (anatomy/physiology) is required as the initial modules will prepare you for the subsequent curriculum.

During the Nutrition Counselling, you will be submitted to both practical and theoretical evaluations. All test results during Nutrition Counselling training will be analysed and classified by a specialist Nutrition trainer. Upon successful completion of all stages of the final examination, you will receive the Swiss nutrition Academy diploma certifying your aptitude to practice the profession of Nutrition Counsellor. 

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  • 10% discount on a second course or workshop, whether on Swiss Beauty Academy, Swiss Fashion Academy, and Swiss Nutrition Academy.
  • 3% discount applied on payment of the full amount before the beginning of the professional training (only valid for courses in-classroom longers than 1 month)

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